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If psychoanalysis as psychotherapy began with neurotic adult patients, its field of practice has, nowadays, broadened considerably, has diversified, therefore, been enriched. The couple has become one of its new objects of knowledge and treatment, essentially since the 70s.



Principles of the training

I propose individual training exclusively addressed to French-speaking and English-speaking clinicians (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and student analysts) having a private practice as well as practising in a healthcare institution. They will have had to have undergone personal analysis or be undergoing analysis.

It will last for 2 years and will have two components: practical and theoretical.

On the practical level, it will be a matter of the individual supervision of a couple on a bi-monthly basis (meaning, two sessions per month), for one hour, in my office or long-distance, by Skype or Zoom, for example. The colleagues being trained will learn and will develop my theoretico-technical approach, which addresses the three structuro-functional levels ‒ groupal, intersubjective and intrapsychic-individual ‒ of every couple: (Cf. My text in “Practice”).

On the theoretical level, certain psychoanalytic, but also historical and sociological, readings will be mandatory, others will be highly recommended and advised. Certain sessions will then be devoted to theoretical exchanges.


This psychoanalytic training also aspires to become a space-time of initiation and development of research on couples.

At the end of the two years, a clinico-theoretical study will have to be prepared and presented. Subsequently, each colleague in training will become, not only a couple therapist, but also a potential researcher having acquired necessary and sufficient theoretico-clinical foundations.

The fees for this training depend exclusively upon the amount of individual supervision. The amount and the manner of payment will naturally be discussed.

Any clinician fulfilling the minimal conditions and wishing to train under me should contact me by email.

While waiting, I also invite you to read my two books on couples:

  • Le couple et son histoire (Presses Universitaires de France, 2011); The Couple: A Pluridisciplinary Story (Routledge, 2016); La Pareja y su Historia (Editorial Biblos, 2013); Russian version (Cogito, 2017); Korean version (Nun publishing, 2013); Chinese version (The Commercial Press, 2017); Romanian version (Fundatiei Generatia , 2017).

  • Couples en psychanalyse (ed.) (Puf, 2013); Parejas en Psicoanálisis (Editorial Biblos, 2017); Russian version (Cogito, 2018); Italian version (Astrolabio, 2018).



In the hope of having the pleasure of making your acquaintance in the near future.

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