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My activity as a national and international lecturer is as important as my private clinical practice. It is the second facet of my identity as a researcher.

I mainly lecture before psychoanalytical societies and at universities and French institutes in foreign countries. Here is a list of some of the places, among others, where I have lectured over the years:


Psychoanalytical Societies

Montreal (Société psychanalytique de Montréal), Lisbon (SPP), Buenos Aires (APA), Moscow (APM), São Paulo (SPBSP), Istanbul (API), Mexico City (APM), Seoul (KAPA), London (British Psychoanalytical Association, British Psychoanalytical Society), Rome (SPI), Belgrade (Belgrade Psychoanalytic Society), Atlanta (Psychoanalytic Society of Atlanta), Copenhagen (Danish Psychoanalytical Society), Tehran (Freudian Group of Teheran), Bucharest (Romanian Psychoanalytical Society), Bogota (Sociedad Colombiana de Psicoanalisis).



UQAM (Montreal), UNIL (Lausanne), ENAH (National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico-City), Claremont Graduate University (California), Chongshin University (Seoul), Counselling Graduate University (Seoul), Fortis Hospital (New Delhi), Beijing University, Normal Capital University (Beijing), University of Foreign Languages and Cultures (Beijing), Tongji University (Shanghai), Maison franco-japonaise (Tokyo), Emory University (Atlanta), High School of Economics (Moscow), University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen), Birkbeck College (London), Essex University (Colchester).


French Institutes:

New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Seoul, Kiev, Vienna.

Upcoming Lectures:

  • Psy Week of St. Petersburg (1 December 2020): “My Conception of Psychoanalytical Work with Couples”

  • Edinburgh University:

Thursday 4 February 2021: “Contemporary Couples: a Psychoanalytical and Sociological Approach”

Friday 5 February 2021: “My Conception of Psychoanalytical Work with Couples”

Other lectures in 2021 in Lisbon, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Jaroslav, Erevan, São Paulo.

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